Me and my kit!
My photographic history has developed with my work life. Where I moved from research work, to overseas conservation, to consultancy, with many other twists on the way.

I initially completed a BSc in Biology at the University of Southampton (UK), prior to working with conservation groups in both East Africa and Central America. I then worked for the University of Rhode Island Environmental Education Centre (USA), before completing an MSc in Ecology at the University of Aberdeen (UK).

This was followed by a stint as an associate lecturer in ecology for the Open University whilst completing my PhD on ‘Ecosystem Approaches to Environmental Management’ with the University of London and IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management. I then spent five years working for Coral Cay Conservation, co-ordinating rainforest and coral reef conservation projects in Honduras, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

More recently I worked as a principal consultant for an ecological consultancy, focussing on ecological work in the UK and supporting overseas conservation and environmental management work. I now work as a conservation biologist for the Zoological Society of London on their EDGE programme (

My interest in photography goes back years (starting seriously with an Olympus OM10), and after many months working holiday jobs at camera retailers, I moved to the Canon EOS system. And here I have remained ever since, only migrating through models and formats. My current 'stable' includes a Canon EOS 5D and Canon G9.

My slow progress in the good old days of film has now been accelerated by digital, and hence the appearance of this website!